As soon as the stars twinkle inside and out, Madam morphs into Amsterdam’s highest dance floor.

Diners become clubbers, wine-drinkers switch to cocktails, and the quiet couple in the corner mutate into naughty nocturnal creatures. The metamorphose of Madam is as smooth as the DJ line-up: an eclectic mix of established, local and/or emerging talent. So remember to Make Some Noise!


  • Entrance is free
    from 9:30 pm
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Dresscode:
    Casual chic

DJ line-up from 5:00 pm. Free entrance from 9:30 pm.

Sunday October 13
Bas White

Monday October 14
De La Fresco

Tuesday October 15
Steve Johnson

Wednesday October 16
Kremlin Disko

Thursday October 17
Mark the Machine
From 11:00 PM ADE Kaluki (tickets)

Friday October 18
ADE PIV (tickets)

Saturday October 19
ADE Panorama (tickets)

Sunday October 20
The Groove Supplier

Monday October 21
Dirk Schot

Tuesday October 22
Steve Johnson

Wednesday October 23
Kremlin Disko

Thursday October 24
Mark the machine

Friday October 25
Dirk Schot (extended set)
From 11:00pm Disco Overflow w/ Bart Thimbles

Saturday October 26
Martien V.
Sven Prinsen
From 11:00pm TBA

Sunday October 27
The Groove Supplier

Monday October 28
De La Fresco

Tuesday October 29
Steve Johnson

Wednesday October 30
Kremlin Disko

Thursday October 31
Mark The Machine